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PLUTO FLYBY: New Horizons made its closest approach to Pluto this morning, just 7,750 miles above the dwarf planet's surface. Now the waiting begins. During the flyby, the spacecraft was too busy taking pictures and gathering data to communicate with Earth. Mission controllers will receive their first status report from New Horizons this evening after 9 pm EDT letting them know that the spacecraft survived the encounter. Check for updates at the New Horizons home page.

Tired of waiting? Readers of, many of whom are experienced image processors, have been working with the latest photos of Pluto. Brent from Orlando, Florida, produced this enhanced view of the entire planet as seen by New Horizons on July 13th:

Realtime Pluto Photo Gallery

Check your TV Listings for this I've spent the last week watching/debating/texting the results. After 9 1/2 years we

Direct From Pluto: The First Encounter

Direct from Pluto: The First Encounter showcases the very first images of Pluto and first-hand accounts by the NASA

scientists who planned the mission to capture them; these images could spark a debate over Pluto's planetary status.

Snow on Pluto? Pluto's 4 Moons?
Tonight: Science Channel 10pm EST 7pm PST


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Recent Measurements of Pluto and Charon Obtained by New Horizons

How Big Is Pluto? New Horizons Settles Decades-Long Debate

A Portrait from the Final Approach to Pluto and Charon

COCA-COLA Space Science Center
2014 Webcasts 


WHAT IS IT? It's the astronomer's forecast. At a glance, it shows when it will be cloudy or clear for up to the next two days. It's a prediction of when Lancaster, CA, will have good weather for astronomical observing. The forecast data comes from those very cool guys at the Canadian Meteorological Center. CMC's numerical weather forecasts are unique because they are specifically designed for astronomers. But they have 763 forecast maps. It can be a chore to find the one you want. "Attilla Danko" wrote a script to generate the images like the one below which summarizes CMC's forecast images just for Lancaster and the surroundings out to about 10 miles. There are charts for 3905 locations.


METEOR ECHOES : Kmanskies helps support Space Weather Radio...Go listen for free!

A few hundred miles away in Roswell, New Mexico, radio engineer and long-time associate Stan Nelson picks up the echos using a yagi antenna on his roof:. PHOTO 

Stan offers these details: "I'm currently tuned to 216.97927 MHz. using (USB) Upper Side Band on a ICOM R8500 receiver. The antenna is a 13 element yagi pointing east with a 15 degrees upward tilt. The receiver audio is sent to a ACER PC (Vista Windows) line input. The audio is encoded running Edcast using AAC at 16Kb. I have a 20 db. pre-amp at the antenna feeding about 50 ft of RG8.. PHOTO

Antelope Valley Astronomy Club

If you're new to astronomy? Experience a star party for the first time, and maybe even look through a telescope at some of the wonders of our Universe. The first step is to find Astronomy activities in your local area.  Antelope Valley look here:...




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Location: Lancaster, Ca. 93534

BELOW: Lancaster, California Clear Sky Chart.

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